Accepting submission June 1 - June 29. 

We curate films with unique, inclusive, and diverse Indigenous voices and perspectives. For the past two summers, the Indigenous Film Festival has showcased 32 films and celebrated 27 filmmakers representing 24 tribal nations— introducing the Oglala Lakota Nation and region to a diverse collection of Indigenous-made cinema.

We represent Indigenous, First Peoples, and Native filmmakers, storytellers, and creators from North America, New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and other regions.

All films must be Native, First Peoples, and Indigenous-made.  Key members of the creative team must have significant artistic and administrative contributions to the project and be from recognized Indigenous nations.  Within the United States, all filmmakers must share their affiliated tribal nation.  International Indigenous filmmakers from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and other regions, must identify from an Indigenous nation within their respective communities. 

All genres, narratives, story forms, are accepted.  We are currently programming films in the following categories: Feature Narrative, Feature Documentary, Short Film or Short Form video, Student or Youth Film.  New media film or video projects will be considered and innovative presentations are encouraged.



Have questions on submissions and programming?

Contact Angel Two Bulls, director of programming & submissions at: