The mission of the Indigenous Film Festival is dedicated to celebrating, elevating, and empowering Native film while reframing the narratives of Indigenous peoples, communities, and cultures.

The Festival operates entirely on the support from awesomely compassionate organizations and individual people whose philanthropic goals align with supporting the reclamation and indigenization of the screen.


Support Our Growth

There are three major areas we will grow:

  • Expand the event.  

    Over the next few years we will grow to a multi-day celebration of indigenous cinema and storytelling, with many screenings and programs that align with our vision.

  • Build sustainability.  

    Over the next few years we plan to ensure self-sufficiency, produce an extraordinary Indigenous arts & culture event, and promote year-round programming and initiatives.

  • Support our people.  

    A core value of the Festival is providing reasonable economic support to recruit and retain qualified local team members, creative humans, and collaborators whose leadership and guidances will ensure impactful workshops, successful Festival programming, and mentorship that advances Native film and arts.

By funding the Indigenous Film Festival, you provide the partnership and financial support needed to begin the groundwork of advancing representation of Indigenous and Native arts, building an intentional and supportive community of artists, and redefining the narrative of the Pine Ridge Reservation by using art & culture as the vehicle for impactful social change. 

We have ambitious goals, but we believe in the vision and in the power of cinema. 



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How We Recognize Sponsors

Event sponsors will be recognized in meaningful ways through uniquely developed packages that maximize sponsor objectives and partnership building.  This will be achieved through brand awareness and visibility, cross­-promotional marketing, commemorative festival products, exclusive access, on­site event activities, and other reasonable opportunities determined by Sponsors.  Additionally, sponsors have the chance to support and present specific activities at the Festival, like film competition awards, showcases, panels, and performances.  Along with these opportunities, we will honor sponsors through traditional Lakota ceremonial customs to express our gratitude for their generous support.

Other Ways to Support

  • In-Kind

  • Online/Individual

Past Sponsors